An enchanting castle that is enveloped in a magical fairytale atmosphere, within a delightful nature park, vineyards and endless landscapes. A place that retains and preserves its own history, to relive in all the different spaces that make up the structure.

Built in 867 d.c. ,during the eleven centuries of life the castle has undergone numerous changes. First it was a convent then it became a monastery. In 1803 it became the private residence of the Piccolomini family.

Badia Castle is currently an agricultural company, producing exclusive food and wine products.


Unique Places

Tuscany, with its colors and landscapes, is the framework of this enchanting structure. Around it is an acre of unspoilt nature; a scenario that surprises you with its majesty and silence.

The central element, around which the other rooms are located, is the historical square where the symbol of our lands is present: the black cock. The underpass near the cellar leads directly to the charming cloister from which you can see the rich courtyard. The atmosphere of exterior and interior environments brings you to a timeless place, to be scrutinized in every detail to capture the essence.

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